@BC Vertalingen: 1 May 2007 – 1 September 2020

@BC Vertalingen closing down


Dear visitor, client or colleague,

After 13 interesting years, I am closing down my translation agency.

I want to thank you for the interest you have shown in my business and/or the assignments or assistance.

I would like to recommend the following colleagues:

For German, Frisian, Czech and Slovakian: Ms D. Dijkstra-Stanková and Mr F.B. Dijkstra of Vertaalbureau It Ljocht: https://www.ljocht.nl/ and by telephone +31 (0)58 255 19 13


For English: Els Hendriks of EngElsNed: https://engelsned.com/


If you are looking for an interpreter and/or translator for another language, please call or send an e-mail and I will recommend a colleague.


Kind regards,

Frans van Dongen

M +31 (0)6 54 21 41 49

E info@abcvertalingen.nl